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Gramercy Residences


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Breathtaking view from the top. Amazed by the interior of this Century Property. Accessible just beside A Venue Makati. My cousin Michelle and her daughter stayed for a while in this tall residential and luxurious tower. Reception area was huge. The unit was not big but fully furnished. There was a gameroom with around 6 led TV screens, a billiard table, a poker table and a marvelous view of the city. A lap pool was there too and a few other swimming pools.

H&M in Manila


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Five years ago I heard rumors that H&M is going to open in Manila but fast forward 2013 and well, no red H&M has showed up.  The last time I visited the store was in Trier.  That was ages ago. But I read some bit of good news from Yahoo/Manila Bulletin stating such

The first H&M outlet could be located in the SM Aura, a high-end commercial development that the Henry Sy conglomerate is putting up in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Talks are ongoing, let’s see if you would finally get that Red Fashionable glare of H&M Manila.

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View from the Country Club at Pico De Loro, beautifully structured buildings and a gorgeous pool. Tired from the trip especially as it was uphill and a three hour drive. But when we saw this, the car incident (which I don’t wanna discuss to you about lol) was immediately forgotten.

We rented two units from Mary Jean Ner to get access to Hamilo Coast. We stayed in Jacana A and Jacana B. Two Condos situated beside each other and probably a five minute walk to the Pico De Loro Country Club that you see above. Below is the  lobby of Jacana A. Bringing of food is allowed. No hassle upon check in.

 photo 084_zpsf793a9fe.jpg

 photo 004_zps26cfa3d5.jpg

This is the view from the bedroom. Sorry, I didn’t get to take a pic when we haven’t made the room a mess yet lol.

 photo 002_zps3f368dac.jpg

 photo 119_zps15aeaf7c.jpg


Gorgeous views from wherever you set your sights on. The Pico De loro Beach Club has a kiddie pool, showers, clean locker areas, loads of activities to choose from. In fact you can even go hiking. Beautiful, right?

 photo 128_zps700a0614.jpg

 photo 126_zps202fd721.jpg

 photo 125_zpse0f46780.jpg

 photo 147_zps493f1199.jpg

The water is a bit brown but warm at Pico De Loro’s own beach. No jellyfish experience. Everyone stayed for half an afternoon soaking in the warm water so I would say hey pretty safe, no sharks waiting to get a bite. We had major fun playing with the sand. We made my brother a mermaid ha ha. Too funny but I don’t think he would appreciate me posting his photo here. Sand is actually good. Not too much rocks. Brown as you would expect in any Batangas Beach.

  photo 131_zps08d951d5.jpg

Not much people around so if you really want some peace and quiet. This is an ideal hideaway that’s just a few hours away. Here are some pics of the locker area, the play area (which was closed though) etc

 photo 195_zps7f04094c.jpg

 photo 194_zps34f175a6.jpg

 photo 193_zpsf025237f.jpg

We had breakfast here at Sun Coral in the Pico De Loro Beach Club Area. American breakfast something sorry didn’t take photos. Got egg, sausage and some cubed hash browns. Bacons were crispy and yummy. Cost was around P200.00 Can’t remember exactly.

 photo 134_zpscf781674.jpg


 photo 173_zpse540de0a.jpg

 photo 171_zps240cd7d2.jpg

A lot of activities from Pico De Loro however I noticed there aren’t really a lot of people availing these.
 photo 202_zpsee643e48.jpg

 photo 211_zpsbbe60950.jpg

 photo 091_zps9c810208.jpg

The Pico De Loro Country Club Pool is awesome. It’s amazingly beautiful in the day and so inviting at night. Colors everywhere, water splashing here and there. Inviting Beach chairs, kiddie pools. We had french fries overdose.

 photo 167_zps75ec5e6a.jpg

It was an irreplaceable experience with my family. Hopefully I’ll get to visit again.

This is the map shown on the Hamilo Coast Website.

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A book with a heroine that would make Dexter (the serial killer) proud. I had Gone Girl for a while now but just got to read it. Thought it was going to be one of those boring reads. Almost halfway the book and it got interesting. Amy Dunne disappeared during her fifth year anniversary with Nick Dunne. Did he kill her? Did someone take her? She’s gone girl and everybody’s agog. If you loved Girl with a Dragon Tattoo then you would fall insanely inlove with this book. Read a movie is in the make. Would definitely wait for it.

Canyon Cove


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Summer equals vacation. So we went along with the family for a quick vacation at Canyon Cove in Nasugbu Batangas. Canyon Cove had mixed reviews so I didn’t really know what to expect. It was a typical hot summer day but the place was huge. Their very own beach bordered by land masses to the left and to the right. The rays glinting on the water. Sand okay, not as rocky as expected but very hot to touch so bring flipflops or aqua shoes. Some guest reviews said they were jellyfish but we got away unscathed.

 photo eeec_zps36920768.jpg

 photo image_1_zpsecd07ef6.jpg

 photo Imaga2_zpsb36d72a2.jpg

A number of activities are available like the Banana Boat ride, jetski rentals, island hopping, snorkelling etc

 photo image_1_zpsb520aa3b.jpg

There are 208 rooms in Canyon Cove and from what I read there are some old rooms out there but we checked in to room 122 a superior room with 2 beds and a bed by the window. It was pretty neat. A small terrace. The bathroom is spacious with a glass enclosed shower and clean too. No toilet bidet though.

 photo image_2_zps526d291f.jpg

 photo image_5_zpsd5415157.jpg

 photo 906594_4141137507237_329961077_o_zps5a297bae.jpg

Haven’t checked if there was Wi-fi. I lock away gadgets (except the camera) on vacation lol. Unless you’re working, why go techie crazy. Enjoy the day with your family.

Here’s the sweet pool

 photo image_3_zpsd70b0168.jpg

We had a fantastic experience, no hassles from the room to the facilities. Food is so so so don’t expect to be wowed. I only remember the buko pandan was yum. Still Glad we went with the family. I didn’t want to go through with it at first but the sister was adamant.

 photo 55_zps90f082e6.jpg




Here’s the location map of Canyon Cove.



 photo 310623_250355438330461_4462417_n_zps60237802.jpg

Reservations & Inquiries +632 840-2363 / 840-2446 / 840-2204 / 840-2365 / 840-2327 / 840-2417

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The Solaire Resort and Casino is a beautiful place but they’re not done yet. Construction still underway for a tower and other facilities. There are casual dining like Lucky Noodles and Fresh that are not too expensive. Lucky Noodles in Solaire Resort and Casino menu costs just P200 and above. There are no shops like in Resorts World since Mall of Asia is just a stone’s throw away. They also provide transpo from some pick up points going to the Hotel. If you’re not into spending your money on slot machines, you can always enjoy dining in one of their restaurants.

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The Old Spaghetti House Mall of Asia

I always see this resto Old Spaghetti House but its the first time we tried it. The place is pretty small yet somehow chic. We still managed to get a seat what with the Pyro olympics going on. Ordered this Pepper Crusted fish fillet with sun dried tomato pasta. Really good plus the servers are really nice. Will visit again soon.

Gold’s Gym


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Workout year, too much slacking off. Binged for 2 months and overdosed on fruit salad the past holiday season. You never know how excess weight creeps up your thighs, waist,arms lol everywhere. A month into it and I’m hooked.

Golds Gym Alabang

My favorite spot is above , I usually huff and puff

 Golds Gym Alabang

GGX, the Gold’s Gym group exercises are held here like Cardio dance, Zumba, Les Mills Body Combat etc. It’s a huge area you won’t have to worry about hitting someone while doing your moves, funny or otherwise.

Staff is pretty courteous, Pt’s are professional and helpful. Steam room works fine. Sauna Maintenance over. Huge locker area.  Machines work well except for a couple maybe. Nice gym overall. Tried Slimmers World, Fitness First for a trial,  Sofitel for a month when I was younger but so far I like Gold’s Gym the most. .